NRF 2019: Building a Digitally Differentiated Retail Experience Begins with Zemoga

Today’s retailers and brands are facing an unprecedented amount of pressure to deliver digitally differentiated customer experiences, and that’s an understatement. As consumers continuously demand and expect digital and mobile-first shopping experiences, retail organizations can no longer simply tout that they have a digital offering. The truth of the matter is that the digital experience they do offer has to bring something new to the table, an experience that keeps consumers coming back for more, or retailers risk losing consumer share to the likes of Amazon.

The elements of a great digital experience

A recent Gartner Consumer Report highlighted that “84% of surveyed consumers across all industries report their experiences with digital tools and services fall short of expectations,” with various consumers citing “significant gaps in enterprises’ ability to make digital experiences easy, earn their trust and to deliver desirable results.”

What does a digital customer experience look like? Every experience is and should be different for each retailer and brand. Much like a retailer’s storefront meant real estate a decade ago, digital experiences are becoming a retailer’s most visible storefront; the digital experience not only showcases the retailer’s product in the most impactful way, but allows for brand storytelling to highlight the purpose and DNA of the brand.

Through advanced data analytics, retailers are empowered to identify not only their most loyal and profitable customers, but also examine the different triggers that lead each shopper from initial discovery to purchase completion. What’s more, in the age of customer-centric retail, the added level of differentiation should not only deliver an interesting and enjoyable experience to shoppers, but also ensure a level of added convenience and purchasing ease. Looking at some key examples across different markets, consider how Netflix outdid Blockbuster with new levels of content variety, convenience and accessibility on a digital platform. You’ll see the same with Uber and traditional transportation services, not to mention Amazon blazing new trails in the world of retail.

The Digital differentiation journey – Tech, design and delivery

The challenge for retailers in creating a digital offering that ‘sticks’ is not only about understanding the kind of experiences shoppers are in search of, but also sifting through the full spectrum of technology vendors that can help drive digital innovation. Technology solutions are typically not a one-size-fits-all approach, and there is a great degree of fragmentation in the industry as retailers try to arrive at the perfect formula to execute digital initiatives. What’s more, once retailers determine the right technology components, the design and delivery process must accompany it in order to create an advanced digital experience – and this requires the proper team structure to fully achieve digital success.

The Zemoga difference – Passion, innovation and expertise

As retailers continue on their digital experience journeys, they will require the expertise and know-how to create a differentiated digital experience – one that is both effective and customer-centric. This is where Zemoga can help, by serving as an integral part of a retailer’s team to make the journey toward digital differentiation compelling, seamless, unique and well-executed.

Since 2002, Zemoga has been supercharging clients like Brooks Brothers, Walmart, Hulu, Bridgestone and Morningstar with top digital delivery talent in the Americas. Headquartered in the capital of Colombia, Bogota, Zemoga helps clients efficiently design and produce amazing digital experiences that improve lives, build businesses and create experiences that keep consumers coming back again and again. How? Our teams specialize in the latest platforms with a keen eye towards groundbreaking design and technologies that engage at the highest level. We work in lockstep with our customers to provide increased velocity and expertise through true team-based collaboration.

The digital experts that make up the Zemoga team leverage years of retail insight and consumer behavioral science to provide clients with the most effective and cost-efficient solutions for the task at hand. Zemoga works diligently with each client to allow for nimble prototyping and experimentation to quickly deliver new models to consumers. Within today’s rapid-deployment mindset, Zemoga has the technical talent and creative chops to provide you and your team with some of the most difficult-to-find skill sets. Our proven methodologies, highly trained staff and a commitment to professional and ethical business practices provide true value in creating new digital customer engagements that move the needle and fill the shopping cart.

Let’s meet at NRF 2019

Ready to create new digital experiences in 2019? Meet with us at NRF 2019 in New York City Jan. 13-14, to discuss how Zemoga can help you overcome your digital pain points and take your digital offering to the next level in the new year.

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About the author

DJ is CEO & Founder of Zemoga. He has worked in the digital design and production space for over 30 years specializing in developing customer engagement strategies & building teams and technologies that provide groundbreaking solutions for F500 Co's.