Our culture is our most valued asset and our main differentiator

At Zemoga, culture is more than an idea; it’s an actionable framework that guides everything we do. It’s the reason why people join our team and the reason why they decide to stay for years. Numbers talk by themselves: we have the lowest turnover rate in the industry: 4.1% (the industry standard is 15%). This doesn’t just happen. We’re very intentional in how hard we work to make sure we offer a great place to work. All these efforts have an immeasurable impact on happiness, engagement and quality.


Our culture makes us stronger

Culture is more than a collection of perks and benefits. Our culture is in everything we do —It’s the way we approach everyday challenges and how we join a team and become accountable for one piece of a larger endeavour.

We believe in ownership

Our team is empowered to deliver quality by proposing, finding the best solutions and solving problems via creativity and innovation.

We’re true collaborators

When we join a client team we become a part of that team and assume the team’s goals, processes and standards as our own.

We strive for excellence

The quality of our work is a reflection of who we are. QA processes and a keen attention to detail help us guarantee excellence in what we do.


A culture by people, for people

Zemoga isn’t just a place to work. It’s a place to explore for every team member to explore their interests, achieve their goals and have fun in the process.

We put people first

Our people experience team is dedicated full time to making sure our teams feel safe, motivated, challenged, inspired and cared for.


Spaces designed to foster our culture

In 2018 we took an entire building in Bogotá and we’ve been designing and remodeling floors as our team grows. We’re very aware of how much this process resembles our product design and development process. Every decision was made with our team’s needs in mind.

Now we’re going through a similar process in Medellín, Barranquilla and Cali. In times when many organizations are deciding to terminate their lease agreements and switch to a 100% remote model, we’re trying to be smarter about the use of our physical space. Our new offices will be spaces for collaboration, more than individual work.

Our device lab provides our engineers and designers with over 150 test devices across every desktop, mobile and OTT platform in the market.