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We recently had the pleasure of having Cathy Hotka – one of retail’s most connected and influential people – at our offices in Bogotá. Our leadership within the digital retail space continues to grow, and Cathy was a great source of knowledge to expand and validate our views in all things related to digital retail. We’re looking forward to seeing her again in NYC during NRF2019 and at her Retail Insiders Party.

Here’s just a snippet of her interview with our founder and CEO, DJ Edgerton…

[Editor’s note: I recently had the opportunity to travel to Bogota and meet with the staff of Zemoga. It has done amazing work. I caught up with its founder there.]

Tell me about Zemoga! What do you do? Since 2002, Zemoga has been supercharging clients like Walmart, Hulu, Bridgestone and with top digital delivery talent in the Americas. We help our clients efficiently design and produce amazing digital experiences that improve lives and build business.

You’ve had some pretty amazing customers. Our success and growth over the past 17 years has been primarily through reference and referral. When you do a great project for, someone at is bound to get wind of it. Also, our digital transformation work for Gulfstream Aerospace has attracted the attention of retailers looking to take advantage of our custom configuration expertise.

You swoop in and create quick results when others fail. Why is this sometimes necessary? We have found that our process for quick results under pressure is unlike any other design & technology service provider. We have seen extremely positive results with clients who understand they may have a high level vision for their digital transformation roadmap, but the resources, process or delivery experience may not be available in house, or even within the labor market in which they reside. When they acknowledge the need for help to reach their often-lofty goals, our model allows for a quick “supercharge’ of the effort, greatly increasing their chances for success.

You have a headquarters in Bogota! Tell me about that. In 2002, I saw the untapped talent in LatAm and made a bet by becoming the first creative & technology firm to service US customers from Colombia. With established offices in Bogota, Medellin and Barranquilla we are able to provide world class creative and technology talent and expertise to some of the most recognized retail brands in the US. Bogota, along with the entire country, is filled with extremely motivated and passionate talent. They speak English fluently, possess a 5-star work ethic, understand the American consumer aesthetic and are proactive thinkers, not orders takers like some other outsource destinations. Most importantly, they are committed to change the perception of their country through ground breaking innovation in creativity & technology. Here is a quick peek at our ultra-cool Bogota office.

Where can we see you at the NRF show? We will be walking the show with a full team of Zemoga senior staff from our retail practice. We are also PROUD sponsors of your Retailers Insider Party, where our team will be having conversations around the current state of the retail industry, challenges they face delivering in this challenging environment, and how Zemoga can help these customers achieve their business goals in 2019.

About the author

DJ is CEO & Founder of Zemoga. He has worked in the digital design and production space for over 30 years specializing in developing customer engagement strategies & building teams and technologies that provide groundbreaking solutions for F500 Co's.