Zemoga has been driving innovation in Media & Entertainment for over 15 years - from the initial shift of content and programming to the web, followed by mobile, social, and now the ever-expanding universe of OTT/TVE. We love being a part of the industry’s evolution, and over time we’ve invested aggressively in partnerships, platforms, and people to support this new digital age of media consumption. But still, success ultimately depends not only on the great content, but also the experience of discovery and how they are embarking on that journey.


The challenge

Using the latest techniques and technologies, we deliver content through multi-channel, integrated experiences that drive awareness, adoption, usage, and retention. Zemoga has been fortunate enough to work with leading brands in the content space - from promoting major feature films via mobile and social, to designing sites and apps that engage viewers on a second screen, to building cutting edge experiences across OTT/TVE endpoints.

Whether it’s a platform like Roku, Android, or AppleTV, we deliver experiences that push the envelope for our clients by integrating the latest advertising solutions like Innovid, as well as advanced monetization strategies that leverage the latest platforms and commerce engines. We continue to pioneer with innovations in UI/UX - driving viewers to explore, dig deeper, and stay longer.


Our role

  • Product Design

  • Front-End Engineering

  • Back-End Engineering

  • Business Analysis

  • QA Engineering

  • Project Management

  • DevOps



OTT/TVE and iPTV can still look a bit like the Wild West with a myriad of backend, app, monetization, customer management, and analytics platforms available. We help navigate these choices by providing an understanding of the pitfalls and opportunities while bringing transparency to the total cost of ownership. And while the tech is great, we understand the importance of training great people and scaling our teams to support an evolving tech stack to meet ongoing programmer requirements - which differentiates Zemoga in a crowded space.



Market tastes and OTT/TVE economics are changing rapidly, but the one constant of digital evolution in M&E is that great experience + great content wins. Zemoga’s deep knowledge of mobile and in-home media consumption behaviors - combined with expertise in attracting and retaining an audience through digital channels - allows us to help our clients push further and faster to ensure great products are delivered always, everywhere.

Zemoga excelled in creating a high touch partnership that Playstation could leverage across OTT and gaming initiatives. Their expertise in creating customer centric experiences is clear in the team they put in place and the quality of work they deliver.

Chris Hebert, Head of Product, PlayStation Vue



We know the OTT/TVE/iPTV world is wild, and we also know how to face it! We have a full stack team that can support any technology out there and provide support on the implementation of a full end-to-end solution, along with an expert strategy team that can guide the implementation of a profitable and sustainable solution. Our experience is industry proven.

  • Customized experience & branding

  • Native apps

  • App markets

  • Engaging UX

  • Multiple subscription models

  • Ads delivery & server integration

  • Payment Integration

  • Tagging and analytics services

  • KPI monitoring and reporting

  • Content storage

  • Streaming services

  • Middleware APIs & content metadata


We build for the biggest platforms out there

Zemoga creates custom solutions for programmers and distributors looking to leverage the latest technologies and platforms. Whatever your OTT/TVE/IPTV landscape looks like, we have the technological expertise to help you get there. We design and build for Roku, Android, Apple TV, Amazon’s FireTV. We also have expertise in Smart TV apps (Samsung, LG) and multiplatform technologies.


Get a head start when developing for leading platforms with our propietary frameworks zTV

Our longtime experience delivering on leading platforms like Roku, Apple and Google led us to design and develop a custom framework accelerator we call zTV.

zTV is a proprietary set of modules that expedites the time to market for your channels, regardless of the platform. zTV has a common set of features in the framework that can be leveraged by our staff to increase development velocity when delivering common requirements like Content Navigation, Discovery and Video Players.

Using the best practices from our leading partners, like Roku, we maximize performance on all devices and almost completely remove the risk of certification pitfalls.

Tech Partners

OTT/TVE/IPTV Tech Partners

We know OTT/TVE and iPTV are trends in the industry right now and it’s common for some to say they know how to do it. We can proudly go beyond the chatter—our work for some of the worlds biggest content creators and distributors speaks to our capabilities and the trust our clients put in us better than we ever could. This is an ever-growing list, so stay tuned as we keep adding more and more names you’ll recognize.

User Experience


Understanding how users interact with devices and what is relevant to them, along with the business objectives that brands have, is key in every content-based experience.

We follow the known standards (and a few unknowns that are part of our secret sauce) and account for different inputs, form factors and hardware that come into play in the OTT/TVE/iPTV space. Our expertise with the myriad of different STB technologies comes with unmatched insight into the UX patterns and preferences of users that are often familiar only to them. We’ve been watching them watch you and we know how to get them to where we want them.