Zemoga Academy hosts its 4th workshop with lessons on QA Test Automation

Zemoga Academy workshops launched in July 2019, and we continue to host specialized workshops that focus on different areas of the digital services and engineering industry.

Yesterday we held our fourth Zemoga Academy workshop in our Bogota Headquarters. The workshop – which was focused on Quality Assurance (QA) test automation tools and approaches – taught engineering professionals in the digital industry about Jenkins basic integration with Test Automation.

The objective of the workshop was to share and teach the necessary bases to be able to take first steps with Jenkins integration, to clarify its concepts, and to motivate automation engineers to go one step further in the process when running tests.

Some key points from the workshop were:

  • How to execute test automation in different ways of using Jenkins
  • How to integrate the automation process even further into the development process
  • How to turn automation scripts into enhancers and quality optimizers

The workshop was held in our Zemoga Academy classroom on the new floor of our Bogota HQ, which opened in July 2019 and is also home to the brand new Device Lab where we carry out all test automations for the digital services we develop.

As we carry out the automation tests directly in-house, we avoid having to work with third parties (such as digital farms), turnaround times are quicker, we keep full visibility of the process and results, and we maintain quality of the product as it should function in its final state.

We’ve had various Zemoga Academy Workshops in the past that have focused on UX/Design and Front End Development since launching earlier this year, and we will continue to host more industry courses in the future. Watch this space!

To get in touch regarding our Zemoga Academy Workshops, or for your interest in attending, email us at