#10YearChallenge: Zemoga Edition

In an age where memes connect us within the weird world of the interweb, 2019 has already brought us with some pretty odd stuff (please don’t tell us you’ve done the Bird Box challenge!) But one of the challenges we can get behind is the #10YearChallenge. We know we’re a bit late to the trend so please excuse our tardiness due to some extra appreciation we took for some of the team celebrating 10 years or more with Zemoga.

We loved this challenge because we were able to look back and reflect on all the amazing ways we’ve grown as a company and together as a family, which has always been incredibly important to us. So take a trip down memory lane with us, and without further ado, let us introduce you to just three members of our larger 10+ years team…

Jorge Echeverry

Associate Creative Director Celebrating 10 years in September 2019

Can you tell us where you started 10 years ago and where you are today? I actually started working with Zemoga as a freelance designer and was asked after a month to become part of the permanent team. The creative team was small then – we worked in a tiny corner of the office [pictured below], about 6 of us together. Thankfully we have more space to move around now! Since 2013, I’ve been the Associate Creative Director.

Zemoga office, October 2009

Tell us about a memorable project you’ve worked on; why is it memorable? Probably the Anchorman project for Paramount. We designed and created a site to host audience-sourced content for the promotion of Anchorman 2’s release, and some of our team even got to work directly with Will Ferrell at Paramount. It was nice because I was the UX Lead on the project, but besides that, Zemoga got huge recognition when we were published in AdWeek Magazine, amongst other publications.

What message would you send to future Zemogians? Zemoga has always felt steps ahead, and many people in the industry always tell us that. For me, even after 10 years, I’m still learning and feel like there will always be things to be educated on and there will always be room to improve because of the variety of projects we get to work on.

Alejandro Sanmartín

Lead User Interface Developer Celebrating 12 years in March 2019

Can you tell us where you started 12 years ago and where you are today? I started working as a backend developer on the server side, but soon after I stepped outside of my comfort zone and took on the challenge as a UI developer. What a great decision! Now, 10 years later, I’ve learned a ton of things, I’ve met great and smart people and I’ve gained so many friends. Right now I’m a User Interface Lead, and I love it!

Have there been challenges you’ve overcome together with the Zemoga team? Every project brings new challenges, so as a team, we always try to help each other in many ways. We have technical trainings, conferences, meetups, open mics, English classes, and individual feedback that help us to overcome any problem we face. All those together have helped us to grow up as individuals and together as a team.

What message would you send to future Zemogians? Zemoga, by far, is the best place to work. This is not a normal place to come and sit to do your daily work; we have our own culture, challenging projects, the best people, the best offices, the best mentors, and a great future. You will be in the right place!

September 2007: Alejandro and German with Andres Garcia (VP, Tech) and DJ Edgerton (CEO)

Germán Galvis

UI Lead Developer / FED Lead Celebrating 12 years in July 2019

Can you tell us where you started 12 years ago and where you are today? I joined Zemoga from the role of Flash developer, but I was also a JavaScript developer at the same time. I worked on flash projects for the first two months before switching to a JS project – then I shared my roles between the two. I became a UI Lead Developer and FED Lead in 2009.

What’s one of your favorite memories with Zemoga? The first project I ever worked on was one of the most challenging, but it was also the first time I worked with such talented and knowledgeable people. The project’s rhythm was fast; there happened to be long nights with a lot of effort from everyone, but the client brought us to Marbella, Spain, where we bonded even more as a team. It was an experience that encapsulated everything – a complete mix of hard work and fun times.

What message would you send to future Zemogians? It’s a company that you can easily learn to love since you feel like you’re part of the family and team from the start; you get to know everyone really well. You’ll have to be up to the challenge since the technical level is high, but Zemoga gives you the trust and support to further your skills and make you feel loved.

In 2018, the Technology industry held the highest of turnover rate at 13.2%, but Zemoga proudly held one of 5.9% – a number much lower than even the top 10 sectors with the highest rates. Our team of 10+ years continues to grow each year and believe it’s because we invest not only in education and careers, but the wellbeing and happiness of our people.

It goes without saying that we look forward to next 10 years together, and hope you’ll join us on our journey! We’re always looking for talented individuals to join our team, so get in touch with us today!

Build better, work better, live better.