Looking Back at 2020: The Year That Made Us Stronger

Our leadership team reflects back on 2020’s biggest challenges, how we’ve been preparing for 2021, and how we see the “new norm” in a post-pandemic world.

2020 has without a doubt come with some of the most difficult and unexpected challenges, but in a year that made us rethink and adapt to each new obstacle, Zemoga pursued and ultimately (and fortunately) thrived.

The company has grown both in size and strength, and it’s from our resilience and tenacity that we’ve been able to gain new partnerships and virtually onboard over 170 new team members.

To peek into the year we’ve had at Zemoga, our leadership team gives their perspectives on 2020, how we faced adversity with optimism, and how we look ahead to start a new year strong with a ‘new normal’.

Betting on Talent and Staying True to Our Roots by Carlos Pardo, _VP, Finance _Leading up the Administrative teams, Carlos Pardo gives his perspective and experience in how the HR team shifted their strategy in growing our company while keeping people at the center of it all.

Building Better Relationships by Carlos Ferro, VP, Operations From an Operations point of view, Carlos Ferro reiterates the importance of open and strong relationships, and how having them creates the best digital products; the best output is delivered by teams that work well and collaborate together.

Collaborative Design: Before, During and After the Pandemic by Juan Diego Velasco, VP, Design Juan Diego gives his perspective on how the Creative and Design teams made a shift to ensure the design process never suffered when losing whiteboards and going 100% digital.

Redefining the Rules of Teamwork and Project Executions by Katherine Renteria, VP, Delivery Read how Katie Renteria, VP of Delivery, lead her teams in redefining the rules of project executions and all the details that make up and ensure smooth deliveries for our clients when moving to virtual-only management and team integration.

Connecting Through Remote Spaces by Andrés García, VP, Technology We’ve always taken advantage of technology to aid in our virtual connections, but 2020 brought us to a new level. Andrés takes a deeper look into how companies can continue making use of these spaces to keep learning from one another.