Cultural collaboration is the key to partner success

The operation of outsourcing is becoming more prevalent and businesses are beginning to look at their options abroad, basing their choices on the assessments of a company’s cost, flexibility, and overall skills. But there’s one more highly critical piece to finding an outsourcing solution, and that’s finding the right cultural fit.

Our CEO – DJ Edgerton – recently shared an article about the current strength of the USD explaining why now is the perfect time to be looking at Colombia for any outsourcing needs in the technology industry.

We want to take a step further from the cost benefits alone to look at the importance of finding a cultural match between clients and partners; especially when the partnership is across seas.

Beyond digital DNA

There are plenty of outsourcing powerhouses with strong technology backgrounds and resources, but their portfolio and cost efficiencies don’t necessarily mean they’re automatically the right fit. While those things certainly do matter, if the company culture is not a good fit for your business, the partnership could either cost you more or even be tested to the point of failure. Take Ford, for example. The business world was rocked when Ford decided to change its lead creative agency from WPP to BBDO, especially since Ford had been doing business with WPP for more than seven decades. While decisions like this are never simple, part of Ford’s decision was due to differences in the company culture, and they’re definitely not alone in the search to find the best cultural fit.

Team cohesion matters

Team cohesion is another point that should not be underestimated. A strong company culture that provides trust and confidence in their team provides psychological safety of the employees, which encourages creativity, collaboration, and in the long-run reduces turnover within an organization. It’s not always easy to find an outsourced partner with strong, cohesive teams, but we’ve worked really hard to ensure that every individual feels part of one and believe we take that fit to every partner we work with.

Environment matters

The environment in which the outsourced partner is operating also has a strong impact on the business’s success. Some companies find that everything about their outsourced partner seems right – until they begin working together.

At Indian outsourcing companies, for example, changes in technology and regulatory and financial challenges are dampening hiring and increasing attrition. Since team members come and go, the cohesion and psychological safety at the workplace disappear.

Many companies also initially began outsourcing work in China as it’s a low-cost source of talent; however, issues with language, cultural misunderstandings and approaches to work have forced many companies to rethink their outsourcing strategy. In addition, China’s regulatory environment and treatment of intellectual property rights are significantly different from those in western nations.

Attitude matters

One of the best aspects of doing business with Latin American companies is the company culture. There is a strong focus on delivering the best to the customer, and there’s a high number of English speakers with a strong drive to be a part of the global marketplace.

Zemoga has been actively building its team with dedicated workers who are committed to each other and their clients’ businesses. We work hard to make sure all the members of our teams fully understand how our clients do business and can successfully integrate into that environment.

Our commitment to understanding our clients’ culture has resulted in outstanding relationships built, and our overall work environment improves because our team members are seen as they truly are – talented, passionate partners.

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