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Wenner Media found in Zemoga a partner to help them explore a series of rich features for deep journalistic pieces and sponsored articles.

Publishers like Wenner Media produce high quality content 24/7 and that’s what their readers expect without exception. However, in addition to quality, sponsors demand more in terms of different ways to advertise their brands. Native advertising is part of the response from digital media and it represents a huge effort in terms of digital design and production. Rich features that look decidedly different than a traditional article detail page, with brand integration happening at a deeper level than plain banner ads.

That’s when Zemoga gets into the picture. We helped their team produce in-depth pieces for Rolling Stone and Mens Journal, starting with their best content and making it come to life in digital. We took it to the limit in terms of web typography, css transitions, video and interactive modules.

Wenner Media was able to treat different relevant subjects in their journalistic pieces and got brands like History Channel and Indian Motorcycles to sponsor them. This initial exploratory phase with Zemoga empowered them to understand the format and learn what works and what doesn’t.


The role we played

  • UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Motion Design
  • Project Management

Video Content

A video tells more than thousand words

The first piece, for Rolling Stone, covered very boldly some of the ways animals are turned into meat. To convey the cruelty there was no better option than video. That’s why the opener for this article needed to be a full-width video in autoplay.

Cover story for In The Belly of the Beast (Rolling Stone)

visual design

Editorial design for online readers

One of the most enjoyable things about this process with Wenner was the opportunity to explore the possibilities modern web design offers in terms of typography and details. We were able to translate the beauty of editorial to the digital space and enrich some elements through animation, to drive attention to the right places.

User Experience

Illustrating concepts through interaction

In the different executions that were part of this partnership, we spent time with the Wenner Media team identifying those parts of their content that could potentially become interactive pieces. In this case we walked users through (in slow motion) through the different aspects of the serve of Milos Raonic. In essence it’s just a video that plays frame by frame in both directions.


play the reel

Milos Raonic Service analysis for the Men’s Journal Article: Is Milos Raonic the Future of Tennis?
Milos Raonic Service analysis for the Men’s Journal Article: Is Milos Raonic the Future of Tennis?


Native advertising

It was key for Wenner to use this series of articles as a way to explore and shape their native advertising offering. Some of the articles we designed and built for them were done in partnership with brands like History Channel and Indian Motorcycles in what was really a win-win scenario: Wenner was getting paid to post great content beautifully and the brands were getting prime placement in articles with themes very close to their core.

Native advertisingThe Best Motorcycle Moments in Music History - Presented by Biker Battleground Phoenix (History Channel)

Front-end development

Feature detection and responsive behavior

Content is always king and we didn’t want to think of mobile as a dumbed-down version of the desktop experience. We aimed to communicate the same message in ways according to the different contexts. Whenever our front-end detected a touch interface, touch interactions were used to solve UX challenges and enrich the experience in general.

Feature detection and responsive behavior

Front-end development

Data visualization that runs smoothly

Some of these articles were so complex they felt more like microsites. The long-form written pieces were supported in many cases by data visualizations. All that was implemented to be fully responsive and to allow interaction so different areas of maps and charts could become hotspots that trigger events in the experience.


play the reel

The 40 Most Groundbreaking Albums of All Time - Sponsored by Indian Motorcycle for Rolling Stone
The 40 Most Groundbreaking Albums of All Time - Sponsored by Indian Motorcycle for Rolling Stone

Frontend Architecture

Making discovery surprising

As part of the design process we studied the content deeply with the goal to find elements we could elevate in visual design.

In some cases, just scrolling down the page triggered subtle animations that highlighted interesting facts or conveyed the information in a gratifying way.

Nurturing the audienceIs Milos Raonic the Future of Tennis? - Men’s Journal

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