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When Sony needed to rebuild and update its streaming media platform service, PlayStation Vue, across different devices and form factors, we knew our experience in discovery, definition, and development in the OTT space would fit well with the requirements.

PlayStation Vue was Sony’s streaming service application based on subscriptions with different tiers and levels of access, and offers an impressive catalogue of live TV channels as well as VOD content available to subscribers. Based on the 2019 American Customer Satisfaction Index Survey of customers rating their own video streaming providers, Vue was the #1 Customer Satisfaction for live TV streaming video providers for two consecutive years.

Zemoga’s dedicated OTT teams collaborated with Sony’s team, and together we were able to complement each other with the skill sets required to create a new experience in the Sony PlayStation Vue platform.

Our engagement first began with the rebuild of PS Vue on top streaming platform, Roku, with the initial work tied to rebuilding the entire experience for Roku OS. It was a monumental endeavor, especially when recognizing that the new version would need to be architected with the latest best practices in mind, and new features to enhance the user experience by relying on the new features available on Roku devices. Following the success of the initial relationship, Sony then engaged our teams to support and develop the growth of other PS Vue clients on other platforms, including FireTV, Apple TV, PlayStation Gaming Console, AndroidTV, Chromecast, and iOS/Android Mobile applications.


The role we played

  • Set Top Box Development
  • Console Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • QA

Roku Development

building from the ground up

Creating the new version of PS Vue on Roku was not an easy feat as it was a large-scale effort with roughly over 80,000 devices already on the platform’s application. Some of the technical aspects that we worked on were Cloud DVR, Live cached streams, EPG, Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) integration and tracking, video background, Components Architecture Rokux - Redux-for-Roku, deep linking/Roku search, and integration with other devices and services such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Chromecast and Amazon commerce.

To accomplish all this development, Zemoga designed an architecture based on Scenegraph and BrightScript technologies to build a framework of components with the purpose of creating abstractions and pattern flows that ensure a product with high standards in terms of scalability, maintenance and ease of evolution.

Roku Development

OTT Development

going cross-platform

Adding new features and capabilities on each platform is a challenge taking into account the fragmentation that exists in the OTT space in terms of technologies: Swift/TVML in TVOS, Java and Kotlin in Android, JavaScript in Chromecast, etc. Because of this, we decided to create a development flow that replicates the components and integration of each feature as part of a transversal architecture that shares similar patterns and a modular structure.

OTT Development

Zemoga in particular had a level of high touch that was pretty clear from the very beginning, in how they presented themselves, how the team members worked together, and how they described they would attack an opportunity."

Chris HebertChris Hebert
Head of Product, PlayStation Vue

Device Lab

top notch products require top notch QA

To ensure the highest quality and functionality of the PS Vue application across all devices, our QA engineers were able to test with real-device simulations in our Device Lab, which is home to over 150 physical devices, including Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles, Tablets, Android and iOS mobile devices, Roku, Amazon, Apple TV and Ndvidia Shields, amongst many others.

Device Lab
Zemoga’s Device Lab is a place for QA Engineers and other team members to test progress in actual devices.

Business Analysis

understanding the need, planning for success

Our Business Analysts supported the team from Day 1 and participated in the initial conversations around the project’s goals and objectives, with the collected information being the top-priority requirements identified and accounted for in the project roadmap for the implementation of the application’s MVP.

Our Business Analysts focused on fully understanding all the features, functionalities and requirements that were included in the Project Roadmap, created comprehensive documentation for said requirements, and worked with Sony’s stakeholders and the development team to guarantee the delivered solution matched expectations and quality standards.

Managed Capacity

building the right team

What started as an initial team of 6 (3 Roku developers, 1 Project Manager, 1 Delivery Manager, 1 Business Analyst) from Zemoga on the initial rebuild of the Roku platform - most of which worked onsite for the first two weeks at Sony’s offices for the onboarding process - grew to a team of 24 working across all platforms.

And at the beginning of our relationship, some of the Sony team members also visited Zemoga’s offices in Bogotá to align and fully understand the roadmap together. We worked together with Sony’s design team to plan our partnership together.

Staff Augmentation


ending on a high note

When Sony considered a ramp down of its Vue platform, there were several considerations that needed to be attended to, including updates and refactoring rewrites to the platform to service existing customers. Sony’s focus was on next GEN technologies for the PlayStation platform and they needed a partner who could fill-in the role of development as they focused on their core business.

Sony engaged Zemoga for a multi-year engagement that included the necessary enhancements to service the existing subscriber base, as well as the management of the application as they began the process of evaluating the viability of the platform and its continuation. Although the application was shut down in early 2020, our ability to step in and deliver on a client’s needs and overdeliver is what we’re proud of, and our relationship with Sony on other initiatives continues to this day.

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