Brooks Brothers

bringing a traditional brand to the modern times

Brooks Brothers was in debt of having a website that felt respectful of its heritage. Zemoga was invited to help the brand team find a more current version of their online presence.

In our history, we’ve been able to work with different kinds of brands in the retail industry. The moment we got that first email from Brooks Brothers we knew we were in front of an unique opportunity to do something great.

The Brooks Brothers team approached us to help them rethink the key moments in the online experience and presented us with a number of brand-related and tech-related constraints we were happy to deal with.

We spent hours understanding the brand, digging into the past for old ads and catalogues and walked through their brick and mortar stores for hours. We wore their products with intent, felt the materials, appreciated the details in the hang tags.

We were aware of Brooks Brothers’ heritage, but only once we had a chance to live their product and brand experiences were we able to understand the elements at hand. All those findings were part of the mix we started to create between that and best UX practices within the retail industry.

What’s the easiest way to help users get from a homepage to a checkout page? How can we make the journey between those points both rich and inspiring? Our UX team defined a structure for that to happen. Without reinventing the wheel, we were able to create a system that empowers the brand for the future and helps them showcase the beauty and craft of their products in many different ways.


The role we played

  • Strategy
  • UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Motion Design
  • Project Management

Visual design

same essence, different audiences

Brooks Brothers creates products for different age groups and categories. Our team was able to make every content module skinnable, so that every category page would be able to convey its own unique style and still feel connected to the larger Brooks Brothers brand.

Brooks Brothers categories
The experience, including landing pages, snackables, emails and even banner ads needed to speak to the audience


modular design for maximum flexibility

Knowing we would be involved for a limited amount of time only, we recommended designing a system of components that would allow the brand to create and refresh page layouts as they go, according to specific promos and seasonal needs. This enabled the marketing team to showcase different collections and categories at different levels of prominence within a same page, addressing their needs and making the site look fresh every time a customer comes back to visit.

modular design for maximum flexibility

Mobile design

being mobile-first

It’s 2019. Mobile shopping is not a new thing anymore. You either provide a good mobile experience or you die. We put special attention at every single detail here. We made sure navigation felt natural in the mobile environment and made sure Product Detail Pages felt informative, inspiring and actionable.

being mobile-first
being mobile-first

ux design

making the most out of the existing infrastructure

Design is nothing without technology. It’s a proper synergy between both sides what helps brands deliver flawless online experiences. Brooks Brothers’ site has run on Demandware for years now and we knew this wasn’t something the client wanted to change.

Our design team made use of years of experience designing retail experiences for Demandware and brought all that knowledge to the table. This made the process much more efficient, knowing exactly how to get the best out of this platform and save everyone unnecessary iterations and back and forths.

ux design

Digital branding

giving a traditional brand a new feel

We knew this wasn’t a small challenge. We had in our hands one of the most dear and valuable american brands and wanted to help them take their online presence.

We went all the way back to the early 1800s to understand what made Brooks Brothers the brand it’s been for all these years. We looked at their ads and catalogues and were able to understand how the way they sell products evolved over time.

We married all that legacy with modern UX practices and were able to successfully bring all that class to an online environment.

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