Have You Got Z-Spirit?

What sets

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by Alejandro Gomez (@zemogalejo)

You might have figured this out already, but just in case you’re a bit behind: Zemoga’s not like any other agency out there.

What sets us apart? Is it our amazing, innovative and award-winning work? Nope. That’s not it. Is it our talented staff? Hmm. Very close, but not quite. Is it our global perspective, with offices on both coasts of the United States and in the heart of Bogota, Colombia? You’re getting warmer. But, no. What makes Zemoga different from all the other digital agencies out there (and yes, we know, there are a lot to choose from) is our unique company culture.

Our culture – the culture of the Z-team and the culture of Bogota – are what differentiates us from those around us. And we try and infuse a little bit of that culture in to everything we do.

We work hard. We play hard. We approach our work with optimism and positive attitude. We don’t achieve tasks, we achieve goals. We don’t utilize our time, we occupy our time. We don’t work with resources, we work with people. We enjoy our company and our friendships.

Want to know more about what makes us tick? You can see our complete set of core values in the above Slideshare presentation.