Zemoga Launches Augmented Reality Project with Wise Foods

Cheez Doodles Aims at Kids, Launches New Viral Brand Using Augmented Reality and Social Media Classic Wise Food’s Brand Gets Digital Face-Lift, Brings New Mascots to Life to Engage Teens and Tweens Berwick, PA and New York, NY – Oct. 26, 2009 – Wise Foods, Inc., one of the country’s leading snack food manufacturers, and Read more

Cheez Doodles Aims at Kids, Launches New Viral Brand Using Augmented Reality and Social Media

Classic Wise Food’s Brand Gets Digital Face-Lift, Brings New Mascots to Life to Engage Teens and Tweens

Berwick, PA and New York, NY – Oct. 26, 2009 – Wise Foods, Inc., one of the country’s leading snack food manufacturers, and Zemoga, a pioneering digital marketing and innovation firm, today unveiled a fresh new look for introducing the “Cheez Dudes.” Encouraging creativity and musical aspirations, the new campaign introduces the Cheez Dudes alternative rock/pop group with original music, and an augmented reality contest that gives teens and tweens a chance to win musical instruments for their very own garage band.

Cheez Doodles Uses New Technology, Goes Viral and Social to Reach Young Consumers

Today, Cheez Doodles® joins the ranks of a select few brands embarking on a unique form of engagement called augmented reality. Using computer vision and object recognition technology, AR lets people augment their real-world environment to make it interactive and digitally usable. As its first foray into AR, viral marketing and social media, Cheez Doodles chose digital marketing firm Zemoga, to bring their Cheez Dudes mascots to life. For Cheez Doodles, Zemoga developed a complete digital campaign that included a new Website, casual game content, an augmented reality contest, original music, a Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter site to engage teens and tweens with the Cheez Doodle brand.

“Cheez Doodles successfully appeals to moms, but we needed to get more engagement with teens and tweens. So we worked with Zemoga to develop an extensive online marketing campaign to bring the Cheez Dudes to life,” said Kevin Foltz, Brand Manager at Wise Foods. “We decided to appeal to kids’ creative sides with art and music branded themes, rather than a typical sports-related platform. That’s how the Cheez Dudes band was born.”

Integrating Retail Promotions with Viral Marketing

This week, two million Cheez Doodle grocery-sized bags will hit the shelves at supermarkets on the East Coast with a 2×3-inch sticker featuring a call to action for the Cheez Dudes contest. Cheez Doodle eight-foot in-store displays will feature header cards calling out the “ROCK THE CHEEZ!” promotion, along with shelf danglers, and an email newsletter to 70,000 registered Wise Snacks coupon subscribers. With the launch of the new Cheez Doodle Website today, along with the Facebook Fan Page and Twitter site, Cheez Doodles plans an aggressive digital marketing campaign to add registered users and engage them in ongoing contests, beginning with ROCK THE CHEEZ!
Cheez Dudes Contest: Do You Want to Be the Next Video Rockstar?

Just by signing up to be a fan of the Dudes, kids will be entered into a sweepstakes for the chance to win $1000. Kids can also upload a customized video in the ROCK THE CHEEZ! contest for a chance to win big. The person who enters the coolest video will win everything they need to start their own garage rock band including a Fender® Stratocaster Guitar, a Fender® Precision Bass, a complete Tama® drum set, and much more. Two other lucky winners will receive their choice of a Fender® Stratocaster or Fender® Precision Bass. With the help of an online tutorial video, entrants can create their own Cheez Dudes stage and performance video with a computer, webcam and scissors.  Those interested in entering the contest must register at the Website and may submit one original video per day. The contest runs through December 31, 2009.

According to online market research firm, eMarketer, using social media is an excellent way for brands to start conversations and continue talking with consumers1. “This digital marketing campaign is a first for Wise Foods brands, and a game changer in the snack foods category as Cheez Doodles uses AR to reach tweens and teens,” said DJ Edgerton, CEO of Zemoga. “The Cheez Dudes campaign is one of the first to use AR tied to a contest, and expands the real world for kids and visitors. We’re excited about all aspects of this campaign — its original music, user-generated material, video, social media — not to mention an engaging new brand mascot who encourages kids to make their dreams happen – to become the next ‘Fall Out Boy’ or ‘My Chemical Romance’ by winning their own garage band instruments.”

Wise Food’s Cheez Doodles selected Zemoga over three other digital marketing agencies because its plan was the most innovative. With extensive expertise in youth marketing, social media and viral content development, along with unique AR experience, Zemoga developed the end-to-end digital marketing strategy, AR application and original music for the Cheez Dudes campaign and the new Cheez Doodles Website. Zemoga will also provide detailed measurement tracking social media, viral sharing and Website analytics for Cheez Doodles.

About Wise Foods
Founded in 1921, Wise Foods, Inc. is a private company based in Berwick, Pennsylvania that makes and sells salty snacks on the eastern seaboard of the United States. Best known for its potato chips, Wise also offers other salty snack products which include cheese snacks, popcorn, tortilla chips and corn chips. The company’s brands include Wise Potato Chips, New York Deli Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, Ridgies Potato Chips, Cheez Doodles, and Dipsy Doodles Corn Chips. For more information, visit Wise’s web site at

About Zemoga

Zemoga is an award-winning digital innovation firm that specializes in the creation of meaningful and engaging interactive experiences and applications. With offices in the US and Colombia, Zemoga empowers customers with groundbreaking solutions through a model that provides efficiencies at every level. Zemoga’s clients include Sears Holdings, HBO, ING, Yahoo, Viacom, A&E Television Networks, Toyota, SONY Music, and Rodale. For more information, visit

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1September 1, 2009, eMarketer released a report “Marketing on Social Networks: Branding, Buying and Beyond”.