XPO Logistics Digital Refresh by Zemoga

XPO Logistics had become the world’s leading logistics provider through a series of strategic acquisitions over the past several years.  Due to these acquisitions, XPO’s digital presence, even on their own site was fragmented and disjointed.

As part of a larger branding initiative, XPO partnered with Zemoga to ideate and execute a re-launch of their web experience in order to make the site visually and functionally cohesive amongst all of the acquired businesses and reflect the innovative spirit of XPO. In order to facilitate the best experience for the multiple user groups that visit, Zemoga worked closely with many key stakeholders within the organization to ensure the right balance between function and design could be met. The site was intentionally created to be very modular as Zemoga understood the ever-growing nature of XPO, and considered important keeping into account next steps and the digital evolution of XPO’s brand.

The successful launch of the new also coincided with the announcement of a major acquisition that would allow XPO to expand its operations into Europe and Asia. Currently, Zemoga is working with XPO to evolve the digital strategy to include these global markets and presence.

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