We are Kik’ing it up a notch in mobile messaging engagement through the power of HTML5 and Kik!

Kik is one of the fastest growing messaging platforms out there and if you are not one of the 70MM people using it – you may want to download it today. That’s just the backdrop to Zemoga’s unique relationship with KIK and how we are helping them get to the next level.

If you don’t know the fastest growing instant messaging platform in the universe, it’s called Kik. Having already amassed an audience of 70 million users, you can say it has some serious penetration globally. For good reason… it’s a truly unique and engaging way to connect and share content quickly and easily. Make it quick and easy… the mantra of the new consumer, young and old.

So when our friends there asked Zemoga to be part of a select group of innovation firms to create “cards” (the interactive component in message) for select brands and verticals, we jumped in full throttle. Be on the lookout for some really innovative and engaging HTML5 apps that we plan to spread the word about. Then again, they are so freakin’ cool, you might hear about them on your own. You can download the app, or read some of the volumes of press they have been receiving.