Collaborating socially

In this ever-changing, connected age, it sometimes seem like the world is a much smaller place. We’ve heard it before, but now more than ever, the world is literally at our fingertips. Not only in the sense of searching for information, but also in the sense of communicating with one another.

Here at Zemoga, we pride ourselves in bridging the gap between continents just as much as we do bridging the gap between consumers and brands. And in the world of digital, the term “social collaboration” is everywhere. Some folks simply dislike the nomenclature, but almost everyone can agree that it increases productivity and efficiency. It’s just up to those who employ the technique, to find out the best way to use it to suit their needs.

Several tools have been created to help facilitate this new trend. Redbooth, Skype, Google Hangouts, Basecamp, just to name a few… and it’s not slowing down. Gone are the days of working in silos and sitting alone in your cubicle. Now everyone is fully accessible at all times, like it or not. As an answer to the company-wide emails that no one reads, many executives are using social collaboration platforms to facilitate corporate announcements, in addition to using them as just standalone workflow tools. Even XPO Logistics, the leading provider of transportation and logistics, has engaged Zemoga in the strategic planning and execution for their global social collaboration tool set.  Many of the tools will also allow employees to create profiles and share content, much like your standard social networking sites.

Just look at the idea of crowdfunding. Kickstarter and GoFundMe are on course to surpass VCs as the primary funding source for new ideas this year. This only helps to illustrate the prevalence of people coming together in order to accomplish a common goal. Whether or not you liked the latest Zach Braff or Veronica Mars movies, it’s pretty safe to say that you wouldn’t have the pleasure of enjoying such cinematic treats without social collaboration. After all, you paid for it.

So where is this all headed? Will we still be using email in 10 years with new products like Slack around? Who knows…but it’s certainly safe to say that the idea of social collaboration isn’t fading as time goes on. More and more, we are becoming interconnected, and we rely on others in order to make progress, whether it be personally, professionally, and of course – socially.

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