So Long and Thank You, Rene!

Zemoga was honored to pair with PENCIL for a second time, this summer welcoming Rene Lopez as our Fellow. Rene has been an integral part of our team over the past three months.  He is a bright young man who always has his hand up to help and has taken on every task thrown his way.

Rene shared some thoughts on his experienced. “On my way to work the first day I didn’t know what to expect or what I was going to be doing. I had no idea what kinds of projects or assignments I’d facing. In other words, I was extremely nervous of the tasks I’d be expected to accomplish. Walking in I saw new faces and learned new names, I was shy at first but over time everything changed. As time progressed, I opened up more and became less shy.  I began to look at everyone as more than just coworkers, they became friends.  Eventually I was pulled into projects; an app, the Facebook page and copy and revisions for a client’s website. I also worked on smaller tasks related to our new office’s decor, like painting cord covers, hanging guitars and drilling boards into the wall. My job was diverse, it became fun, and I was happy to be working amongst friends. This experience helped me realize what I want to do for a career and that work isn’t always strict or boring, you can do what you like and enjoy it. This was a huge step for me but I had people to help guide and clarify for me which made it better. I met amazing people and loved the experience I had with Zemoga.  Thank you Pencil for helping me prepare for this and thank you Zemoga for a wonderful experience and, of course, for the fun.”

It has been our pleasure getting to know Rene and we are sad to see him go.  However, throughout our conversations we have learned a great deal about his goals and after witnessing his ambition, have no doubt he will achieve them.  We wish him well in all of his future endeavors.

PENCIL, a nonprofit organization founded in New York City in 1995, has become a leader in creating new and effective models that bring together the business and education communities.  PENCIL aims to raise awareness about public education within the business community to open opportunities for collaborative efforts between students and business leaders.  These collaborations result in equally beneficial partnerships between the two in the areas of best ideas, talents, and resources allowing for the optimization of the public school experience and student performance.

The PENCIL Fellows Program, a competitive career readiness trek, is designed to enhance workforce pathways.  The program is open to high school juniors and seniors in the New York City area.  Chosen students are paired with business partners who immerse Fellows in day-to-day business activities allowing them to leverage expertise and put into action skills learned within the classroom all while gaining real world experience.

If you’d like to support PENCIL or are llooking for a proactive way to get involved and give back to the community you work in, check out PENCIL’s website.

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