NRF15: Sunday Recap

Zemoga was onsite for the first official day of NRF.

Zemoga was onsite for the first official day of NRF 2015.

While most tend to make Monday and Tuesday their main days, I always recommend to get there early (while it’s less busy) so you can see the floor and hear some sessions.  One thing is for sure, mobile technology is the big focus across the exhibition floor. You yourself might be coming looking to really enhance your mobile experience. There is one thing I’ve always noticed that is hardly addressed in most brands mobile strategies, and it requires you to retool things a bit.

Todays post is more of a “you should be thinking like this” post. It has to do with mobile and loyalty. What’s important to understand is that for too long, the way we’ve thought about leveraging a native app and a responsive site have been too interconnected.

Often, the responsive site and mobile app are virtually identical. Sure, the native app may have some smoother features, like social integration, but it usually ends there. What needs to shift is our mindset towards the purpose of why we build native apps for customers.

It’s simple: Responsive is for anyone and native is for your true loyal customer.

When you start to build and design around this, it makes your world much simpler. Your responsive site should help someone find what they’re looking for as fast as possible, and allow them to checkout without a million hurdles. Your native app needs to help those that would buy from you whether there is a sale or not. This shift has to come with the understanding that with a native app, you won’t see millions of downloads (maybe you will), but it’s not important.

What you need is that 20% of your shoppers who buy because they love you. Ultimately, to have them buy more because you’ve connected with them better. That 20% might only make up 500k or maybe even a million or so folks, while the rest waste their time on apps like shopkick and retailmenot to dig through the proverbial internet sale bin. But they’re worth your focus. I could go on and on about the damage Amazon has done to retail because of how it convinced everyone to battle it out on the lowest common denominator (but I won’t, maybe I will in a different post).

The beauty of building natively now is that genuinely, for the first time, the hardware (phones) and their software have never been more open.

Add to that the amount of startups that are creating scalable technologies at a very competitive price and you have the perfect opportunity to build something that connects with your core user base.

I could obviously talk more about this in depth, and would be happy to while at NRF. Also, there will be a post later in the week about the best way to get the most of a startup relationship, so stay tuned. Be sure to check back each day as we’ll post recaps of what we loved, hated, and felt challenged by. Feel free to reach out to some of our team on the ground there. Tweet at us as well @zemoga.