Marketing Trends in the Digital Space

Siegel+Gale hosted a networking/learning event catering to Marketing Trends in the Digital space on Wednesday, February 24th in their beautiful offices in NYC. We originally thought of the two hour conference as a networking event, where we could mingle and pitch Zemoga to a wide variety of professionals.  We soon learned it wasn’t just about networking, but it was a learning event.

How often do you get to understand the depths of marketing and how important it is for a company to not just graze the surface but dive deep into what makes your brand stand out from the rest?

Zemoga is a full service agency and since we deal with the back end of many projects, data and UI, coding and development almost always comes into play.  The marketing space deals directly with this type of development, so it was a healthy cross reference for us to understand how our own skills delve into this world of marketing trends in the digital space.

Speaker Scott Brinker, Editor at ChiefMartech, touched on many subjects including Agile and Lean; How we are developed to embrace change, smaller cycles, adaptivity, and understanding that timely feedback from our audience or customers is of the utmost importance.  We take the same approach at Zemoga, we look at the project as a whole, work on the most important things and build from there.  Our customers are most important and we value those relationships, so why not adapt and change according to their needs?

Bottom line is, marketing trends and digital trends all have a common theme. We as providers need to constantly be in the loop, we need to constantly provide accurate feedback to the happenings in the market place, we need to personalize everything we do and always be adaptable.

Thank you Siegel+Gale for hosting such an informative and satisfying event, we at Zemoga certainly loved participating and can’t wait for for the next one!

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