Follow The Yellow Brick Road…

We all remember the scene from the Wizard of Oz. That moment when they pull back the curtain and everything about the world of Oz is being run by some guy behind a curtain. If you don’t know this scene because you haven’t seen the Wizard of Oz, there is something wrong with you, but I digress. The whole story is they follow this path that leads them to the place with all the answers, only to discover something they weren’t expecting.

Look, most of us get the notion that the world changes quickly. At Zemoga, we have to adapt to change constantly. In our 12 year existence the type of work we’ve done has evolved so much. We started off doing lots of creative advertising type work. You know, making things that lived for a short period of time and then vanished into the depths of The Internets. Over the last 5 years our focus has really shifted to a product/platform shop where we are building things with long term value for clients that are usually tied directly to revenue. Things like e-commerce sites, internal e-learning platforms, and mobile apps.

But what’s next? We ask that a lot here at here at Zemoga.

This is nothing new, I suppose. I feel most agency friends I speak with are going through the same thought process. It makes perfect sense and you can tell a shift in how business is done is coming. So that’s the point of these upcoming blog posts, to help pull back the curtain on Zemoga and reveal a bit of our thinking, pain points, and plans.

There are a few big things we’ve noticed in the world today that are affecting how we do business and the type of work we see coming into our email inboxes. Two big things to be exact:

  • First, we are having to make peace that most are doing they’re best to bring things in-house.
  • Second, is rise of the “entrepreneur”.

The tone of being in “startup mode” is changing everything. While we generally love this idea at its core, we feel both brands and entrepreneurs often miss what it truly means in regards to building something with long term value. Each one of these two shifts will each get a more specific blog post over the coming weeks as each one raises new types of questions about how we work and provide value.

So lets go on a little journey down the yellow brick road and see what this Oz is all about…