Dennis Portello Named CTO of Zemoga!

A few words from our CEO, DJ Edgerton (@wiltonbound): Effective immediately, Dennis Portello has been promoted to CTO of Zemoga.

A few words from our CEO, DJ Edgerton (@wiltonbound):

Effective immediately, Dennis Portello has been promoted to CTO of Zemoga.

As many of you know, Dennis started consulting with Zemoga in January of 2010 and joined us as VP of Technology in April of that year. Since then, he has played a key role in building many parts of our operation including staffing up our app dev and user experience teams, integrating new platforms and technologies like Jira and Google Apps, managing our software compliance and beefing up our mobile and social media development capabilities. For the past year and a half, Dennis has been leading or overseeing projects for clients including Alcon, Continental  and Rodale. He’s a programming guru (who is not afraid to actually pitch in when needed) and who has proven himself many times and I think everyone will agree that we’re a much stronger company from a technology standpoint than we were before Dennis joined the team. In addition, Dennis has helped shape Alejandro’s and my thinking on products, development and strategy in many ways.

In his new role, Dennis will be handling all development activities for the company, including managing our network of contractors, and leading development efforts for our applications and products. In addition, Dennis will be crafting the overall technology direction for the company including development of new technologies, identifying technology partners and solutions, and crafting our internal standards for testing and quality assurance. His years of experience with technology leaders like, Source Media, and International Masters Publishers and his keen awareness of trends in business and technology will make him a valuable addition to our Executive Leadership Team.

When I asked Dennis to sum up what he and his team have already accomplished and what he’s looking forward to achieving in the new role he told me:

“I got to know Zemoga as a client while working at IMP. I knew there was a great deal of smart, and talented people producing quality works on par with the top US agencies. I also thought there was a great opportunity to match my experience with the team’s strengths and make our development processes and output even better. Zemoga began as a creative agency and has slowly evolved to include development and digital production. It has been a wild ride this last year, but we are certainly on the right path, and now have what it take for us to hit the next level. I couldn’t think of any other place I’d rather be. Our future is bright and exciting.”