Building Better Digital Products in Financial Services

We’ve helped design and build a number of digital products for Financial Services firms in recent years and see recurring themes in this growing area. The shift to integrated Product Management, User Experience, and Technology teams has greatly improved both time to market and user adoption.

Keeping these best practices in mind can help further advance digital product development throughout the organization.

  1. Don’t lose sight of the human element. Algorithms and automation are great to drive scale, but the human touch in the narrative, visuals, UX, and customer service is still critical to build trust and authenticity.
  2. Create a customer journey map early on. Knowing how potential customers will find out about your product allows marketing messaging to be crafted less like an ad and more like the beginning of the product relationship.
  3. Design for mobile first. Seems so simple but there are still way too many digital product experiences that miss the mark on a phone and/or don’t take advantage of native functionality. This is even more important to reach the ever elusive Millennial market.
  4. Build and launch the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) quickly and iterate intensely. This may require new ways of thinking internally and adjustments to traditional development and compliance cycles.
  5. Assess your martech stack and product infrastructure. Great new products layered on old tech stacks risk missing the critical data insights that a well-designed, integrated stack can provide.

Creating awesome digital products isn’t just for VC-backed FinTech startups. Large, established brands can transform their businesses by crafting digital experiences that reach new markets and drive growth. If you’d like to learn more about Zemoga’s proven approach to developing better digital products in financial services please reach out.