A Story to Be Proud Of

Last night, inspired by the French event, “Code in the Dark,” Bogota hosted the Master Front Hackathon 2015. Zemoga was honored to help elect the first Master Frontend Developer of Colombia.

The Z-Team provided a challenge for the event, which was not an easy task. The challenge asked each participant to write code without using the pre-visualization tool and to replicate, as similarly as possible, a provided design comp. One single character mistake could totally change a participant’s fate.


Two days before the event, our newest Zemogian, Cesar (AKA Mono) told us he was registered as one of the participants.

The event consisted of five 20-minute challenges each with 10 developers competing toward a spot in the final round, to which the top two performers would advance. We were not surprised when we saw our own Cesar jump into the first challenge and win it. We all know Profe’s high bar when hiring: Cesar is good; after all he is a Zemogian.

It was the moment of truth, the final table. Only the best developers made it. You could cut the tension with a knife, but as usual Zemoga was right behind Cesar. The final challenge was not easy and anything could happen, but we were very proud that Zemoga’s representative had made it to the finals.


After 20 minutes of coding (and sweating), the dozens of people surrounding the final coders were the ones who chose the three finalists. We were all celebrating the fact that Cesar had made it to the finals. It was now in the judges’ hands to review the code and name the first Master Frontend Developer of the country. We all know Fello’s ethics; we knew that there was no advantage, what so ever, in having a Zemogian as a judge. It was all up to Cesar’s code.

It finally came down to the moment that everyone was anticipating: three finalists, three great coders waiting for the final decision. For us, for Cesar just to be there, was already reason enough to feel proud of him. This is why it’s a story to be proud of, a story of a winner and the story of a fighter. This was meant to be Cesar’s night.

We are proud to present to everyone the first Master Frontend developer of Colombia: Cesar Guerrero, a rockstar joining a team of rockstars, a fighter joining a team of fighters, the best joining a team of the very best.


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